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The partners of ETG can build on years of experience in the development of new businesses and the execution of projects in the field of renewable energy. While having their own responsibilities, they collaborate on common goals and assignments that support the transition to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy system.

ETG was started in 2013 and foresees a further expansion of the team and the collaboration with partner organizations. If you would like to exchange ideas on these topics, please contact one of our partners.

ETG Team members

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Guus Jansen | Partner | Tel.: +31 6 26084345 | guus.jansen@energytransitiongroup.com

Martijn Schootstra | Partner | Tel.: +31 6 53879097 | martijn.schootstra@energytransitiongroup.com

Hendrik-Jan Bekedam | Partner | Tel.: +31 6 15068709 | hj.bekedam@energytransitiongroup.com

Vincent van den Brekel | Partner | Tel.: +31 6 20406502 | vincent.vandenbrekel@energytransitiongroup.com

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