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ETG Toolbox

ETG relies as much as possible on hard, objective information and solid technical-economic models. We have developed a 'toolbox' of databases and models. For the maintenance and verification of our toolbox we cooperate with universities and research institutes.


The ET DSS (Energy Transition Decision Support System) contains technical, financial, market and company data for the key energy technologies and energy statistics by country. The system includes several modules with calculation models for energy consumption and production and a model for the energy transition per country or region. The energy statistics are sourced from various international sources (IEA, World Bank, OECD, Eurostat, CBS). For illustration, the figure below shows the 'dashboard' of our ET DSS.


ET Neighborhood model

The ET (energy transition) district model combines technical-economic models for the energy management of buildings with those for central energy systems in the district. The EPA (Energy Performance Advice) models have been used as a starting point for the buildings. The central infrastructure is modeled by selecting individual modules for solar PV, wind turbines, biogas, thermal storage (ATES), heat greenhouses, the production of oil and gas from waste and biomass and the production of electricity and heat in a CHP (combined heat and power) plant. The model evaluates all mass and energy balances and compares the projected cost with the current energy costs. A schematic representation of the logic model is shown in the figure below. For a introductionary presentation on the ET district model click here (PDF document in Dutch).

ET district model

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