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About ETG:

The Energy Transition Group (ETG) is a partnership of independent consultants, entrepreneurs and thinkers in the Netherlands with a shared objective to promote the transition to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy system by supporting regional initiatives.

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ETG Toolbox:

ETG relies as much as possible on hard, objective information and solid technical-economic models. We have developed a 'toolbox' of databases and models.

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The 'Trias Energetica' (energy saving, renewable energy & energy efficiency) may well go together with the 'Trias Economica' (innovation, economic 'green' growth and the creation of new jobs). Local energy initiatives by companies and citizens can make a significant contribution provided that a 'level playing field' is created for renewable energy and decentral energy production.

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Recent project:

ETG carried out the High Level Business Case for Energiecoöperatie DE Ramplaan commissioned by the municipality of Haarlem.

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