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  • High Level Business Case 'Energiecoöperatie DE Ramplaan'

    Client: Gemeente Haarlem & Stichting DE Ramplaan

    Project description: Comprehensive and quantitative study of the technical and financial feasibility of the transition to a fully self-sufficient and sustainable energy supply for a residential district of existing buildings. The possible modifications to the buildings (insulation, low temperature space heating, heat pump in combination with a closed aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES), solar PV and solar) and possible configurations of a central area infrastructure (Solar PV, wind turbine(s), greenhouses, biomass and energy from waste and sewage flows through high-pressure anaerobic biogas and thermal/catalytic cracking) are evaluated in conjunction, both from a technical and a economical perspective. Two main scenarios are considered in detail. In the 'All Electric' scenario, the energy need, including the demand for space heating and hot tap water, is fulfilled through renewable electricity that is locally generated. In the 'Maximum sustainable' scenario both electricity and heat are locally generated in a sustainable fashion. Under this scenario, not only the direct energy (i.e. the electricity and heat for the buildings), but also the indirect energy required for the processing of waste and wastewater is made sustainable through local treatment and recovery of the residual chemical and thermal energy. The dependencies of laws and regulations (particularly energy tax and network costs) are made explicit through a sensitivity analysis. This study is a first step on the road to a sustainable, local energy supply in the area. It gives recommendations for the next steps and recommendations for each technology to assure the security of supply and limit the implement risks.

    ETG contribution: Project management, model development, technical-economic analysis, reporting and communication.

    Status: Completed.

    Documentation: For a summary click here (PDF document). We will gladly send you a digital version of the full report 'High Level Business Case Energiecoöperatie DE Ramplaan' (PDF document, in Dutch). Click here to send us your request.

  • Lecture 'Cleantech Companies through the Valley of Death'

    Project description: Lecture for the Technical Economic Society ('Technisch Economisch Gezelschap', 14 May 2012) and the VU master class 'Energy System Transitions' (17 January 2013). The energy transition, the opportunities to establish 'green growth' and the challenges for cleantech companies to pass the 'valley of death' passing are discussed with reference to two specific case studies, namely Darwind (Offshore wind turbines) and Helianthos (thin film solar PV). Based on the 'lessons learned', a recommendation is made to establish a public-private cooperation to increase the return to society on green innovations.

    Documentation: We will gladly send you a digital version of the presentation 'Cleantech Companies through the Valley of Death' (PDF document). Click here to send us your request.

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