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The transition from fossil to renewable energy sources is in our view necessary, feasible and attractive. The 'Trias Energetica' (energy saving where possible, maximum use of renewable energy and the highest energy efficiency for the remaining use of fossil fuels) may well go together with the 'Trias Economica "(innovation, economic 'green' growth and the creation of new jobs).

Focus ETG

Local energy initiatives by companies and citizens can make a significant contribution to the energy transition because decentralized energy is becoming increasingly competitive with centralized energy and because local energy initiatives are better capable to create the essential public support. A consistent and stable government policy is important to facilitate local initiatives and to balance those with the development of the central energy infrastructure.

Further reading

Statements: Reflection of our 'current' vision and an invitation to respond.

Energietransition in the Netherlands: A trend change is required for the Netherlands to achieve its 2020 target of 16% renewable energy. How do we go about and what can local energy initiatives contribute?

Electricity cost: How will the true cost of electricity generation from coal, natural gas, biomass, wind and sun develop in the coming decades and what does that imply for the optimal mix?

Green growth: How can our economy benefit from the opportunities offered by the rapidly growing market of renewable energy?

Local energy: What is technically and financially feasible and what can the government do to stimulate?

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