Who we are

The Energy Transition Group (ETG) was founded in 2013 as a network organization of entrepreneurs driven to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy supply. We initiate and support projects that can (potentially) make a major contribution to the energy transition. Our team consists of people with an exact background and a broad experience in the development of companies and projects in the energy sector. We want to leverage our technical, economic and financial knowledge to contribute to a sustainable world.

What we do

ETG provides independent advice on the development, financing and operation of sustainable energy projects in the built environment and industry. With our knowledge and experience in a wide range of sustainable technologies, feasibility analyses, tenders and implementation processes, we support companies, energy cooperatives, municipalities and regional initiatives. We help to make solid and feasible plans for the design of fossil-free energy systems. We can supervise the implementation of these systems and, after delivery, monitor their performance.


Accelerating the energy transition is necessary to keep the world livable. The built environment and industry are together responsible for approximately 2/3 of the CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. With well-chosen energy measures, these sectors can not only make a major social contribution, but also save money. However, the cost precede the benefits. A well-substantiated technical, economic and financial feasibility analysis is essential to balance the investments in the short and longer term.

Our approach

ETG bases its analysis and advice as much as possible on hard, objective information and sound technical-economic models. As a ‘toolbox’ we use the LEAP (Local Energy Analysis & Planning) software developed by us. With this approach you know what energy measures are feasible, what they will cost and what savings they will generate. As a next step, we can supervise the implementation or support you in one or more steps.


ETG provides the following services for the development, financing and operation of sustainable energy projects in the built environment and industry:


  • Insight into your energy consumption
  • Feasibility analysis of energy measures
  • Roadmap to energy-neutral operation


  • Grant applications
  • Financing
  • Tendering
  • Project management
  • Communication


  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Optimization


LEAP software for technical-economic analysis of:

  • Solar power projects
  • Energy transition of sports clubs
  • Energy transition of neighborhoods & business parks