Through measurements and modelling, we provide insight into the current energy consumption and the technical and economic feasibility of various energy measures:

Analysis of current energy system (‘0 scenario’):

  • Energy consumption measurements
  • Modeling of the current gas and electricity consumption based on the building and installation data and the use of the facilitiesn
  • Benchmarking of energy consumption against comparable organisations

Technical and economic evaluation of energy measures:

  • Savings measures:
    • Insulation
    • Energy-efficient lighting
    • Replacement electrical equipment
  • Sustainable generation:
    • Solar panels
    • Solar collectors
    • Geothermal heat
  • Replacement of installations::
    • WW/LW/LL Heat pumps
    • Hybrid solutions

‘Roadmap’ creation based on your choices:

  • Phasing of the selected energy measures
  • Calculation of consumption and savings
  • Financing based on grants, loans, participation and equity
  • Business case(s) with returns and payback periods
  • Reporting in accordance with legal obligation to provide information (EML)