The partners of ETG can build on years of experience in the development of new businesses and the execution of projects in the field of renewable energy. While having their own responsibilities, they collaborate on common goals and assignments that support the transition to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy system.

Guus Jansen holds a Master degree and PhD in Physics from Delft University (both Cum Laude). Following his studies he was a post-doc at IBM in New York, where he worked on the theory of Coulomb interactions in electron beams and its application to electron lithography. After his PhD he was a researcher at the Shell Research Center Amsterdam where he worked on the modeling of turbulent two-phase flow and the design of cat-crackers.

In 1992 he joined Monitor Company to work as a strategy consultant for various multinational companies with a focus on the telecom industry. In 1996 he became a board member at Telfort. As Director Marketing & Business Development he was, among other things, responsible for the product development and management of all voice, data and carrier services products with a turnover of approximately € 250 million by 1999.

In 2000 he started Caneval Ventures as a management company for his development and investment activities. UniXS Solutions was the first start-up with ABN AMRO as lead investor and IBM as a supplier of a new IT platform for web integrated mobile data services for the financial and medical sectors. The business activities of UniXS were acquired by PinkRoccade in 2003. Various smaller start-ups and interim management functions in the ICT followed in the period thereafter. He also developed a software platform for quantitatieve stock trading under own management.

From 2007 onwards he supported and guided through Caneval Ventures several new companies in the renewable energy, including Darwind (Offshore wind turbines), GBT (wind turbine blades) and Bioresource (biomass supply), HEZEPP (SOFC GT hybrid) and Helianthos (TF Solar PV). In 2011 he started the development of an energy ‘decision support system’ for the evaluation of energy transition scenarios. It serves as a toolbox for the Energy Transition Group founded in 2013.

In 2016 he co-founded Stichting Kennemer Energie (SKE) and in 2017 Coöperatie Kennemer Energie (rebranded as Kennemer Kracht) for the upscaling and acceleration of collectively and privately financed renewable energy projects (solar and wind) in Kennemerland.

Hendrik-Jan Bekedam holds an MBA degree of Delft University. Following his studies he worked for 4 years as international account manager for AT&T and Philips Telecommunications. He was responsible for selling turnkey public telecommunications projects to PTT’s in Africa and Latin-America. In 1988 he joined Amdahl as account manager and sold mainframe computer systems to the top 100 companies in the Netherlands. As of 1993 he started as a marketing & business development manager at RAM Mobile Data, the first competitor of PTT Telecom in the field of mobile data communications. Later on Hendrik-Jan lead the business development team of RAM Mobile Data where he successfully introduced mobile data applications for field service organizations, and new applications like mobile EFT and wireless telemetry.

In 1998 he started working for Enercom, an energy cooperation of 16 energy companies, which was dismantled in 2000. He was responsible for the introduction of new energy services and energy sales to multi-site companies in the Netherlands.

From 2000 onwards he has been working for Hanson Interim management as interim manager. He reorganized and established commercial and administrative departments at amongst others Voice Data Bridge, Solectron, ModusLink and Achmea ZilverenKruis.

Since 2009 he has been involved in renewable energy generation and energy conservation and in energy transition issues in a broad sense. In his hometown of Haarzuilens, he is involved in the energy cooperative Haarse Zon and in the preparations for a new solar park of approximately 40 hectares

Martijn Schootstra has been working in the solar energy sector since 2007. Initially in the Netherlands with grid-connected PV systems and more recently with off-grid solar. He is a technical advisor for for the engineering and purchase of solar home systems, batteries and mini-grids in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau and Uganda.

For PUM he has carried out various missions on solar energy in Colombia, Indonesia and Tanzania and he provides online training. Together with his business partner Frits Verhoef, he founded, a supplier of solar systems. He was a board member of Holland Solar and carried out inspections for the ‘Zonnekeur’ quality mark.

Martijn graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and held various technical management positions during a 12-year international career at Unilever. His positions included project manager for the construction of a new cosmetics factory in France and production manager in the United Kingdom. He then worked as an interim manager and consultant with a focus on cost reduction & process optimization in production companies.


Martijn Nitzsche studied Mining Engineering at Delft University of Technology, presented and published his graduation research at the Snellius 2 Symposium in Jakarta in 1987 and subsequently worked for 3 years as an organizational consultant for the realization of complex projects within the national government. Subsequently, in 1992 Nitzsche set up the Talentendatabank BV: the first company to measure supply and demand on the labor market by means of. artificial networks. Partners in this company were, in addition to private investors, De Telegraaf NV and the United Services Group (USG).

In 2002, Nitzsche started the company AAWS BV, which focuses on water purification and water storage in southern countries. To this end, the so-called WaterPyramid was developed, for which the World Bank awarded the prize for small-scale sustainable water innovation in 2006. Hundreds of international companies participated in this competition.

Since 2007, many innovative water and sanitation projects have been carried out in Africa, India and SE Asia with partners both at home and abroad.

Water is not only essential as a source for all life on earth, but it also has the unique ability to retain thermal energy extremely well. That is why Nitzsche developed the EnergyWaterWall (EWW). This is an energy battery that stores large-scale thermal energy in water. Energy that was often lost until now, but which can now be used again, so that organizations can often save tens of percent on their energy consumption.

Nitzsche has been connected to ETG as a partner energy systems since 2022.